"Jenn was masterful in her patience, guidance, and insights - on the river and with our go-to-market digital enablement."

- Patrick McMullan, CEO - Breaktime University

As long as I can remember, my happy place has been spent days wading through serene streams and lakes with my mind as clear as the waters I fish in. I have an extensive collection of hand-tied flies, each crafted with the precision of a master artisan. To me, fly fishing is more than a hobby - it's a pursuit of perfection and patience, an eternal lesson in reading the environment and understanding the subtle signals of nature.

The same meticulous attention to detail and deep appreciation for the ecosystem is evident in my digital work. I'm a strategist and a go-to-market digital enabler, drawing parallels between the patience required for fly fishing and the long-term vision needed for successful digital enablement. I approach each client engagement with the same strategic mindset I use to read a river's current - always looking for the undercurrents and hidden obstacles. I know that, as in fly fishing, where understanding fish behavior is crucial for a good catch, customer behavior is vital to successful and intelligent revenue growth.

Digital Enablement

Happy Relationships

“Jenn was masterful in her patience, guidance, and insights - on the river and with our go-to-market digital enablement.”

Patrick McMullan, CEO - Breaktime University

“From 'foam is home' during a Learning Expedition experience to the nuances of blockchain technologies at an industry association keynote speech, and more recently leading a discussion on AI, Jenn brings a fascinating blend of passion for fly fishing with deep technical expertise.”

Craig Addington, CEO - Thomas Associates

“After a two-year search, Jenn's experience on the US Women's Fly Fishing team, combined with her incredible depth of angling globally and hands-on experience as an exceptional guide, all make her the perfect ambassador of our brand.”

Danilo Jankovich, Founder & CEO - GuideTime

“Through several opportunities to work with Jenn both in-house and as an external asset, I've always found her to be technically very competent and capable in her broad go-to-market digital enablement.”

Steve Hardy, CMO - Prophix

Digital Strategy, Customer Segmentation, Channels, Content Marketing, CRM Systems Integration, Data Analytics, A/B Testing and Executive Dashboards

Using digital tools and platforms to introduce and promote a company's products or services to the market encompasses planning, executing, and optimizing marketing, sales, and customer success strategies that align with the overall desired business outcomes.

A Seamless Blend of Avid Enthusiasm for Fly Fishing with a Sharp Acumen for Digital Go-to-Market Strategies.

Click on the images below to learn more about me, my work in go-to-market digital enablement, my passion for intelligent and profitable growth, our generative AI platform, my Advisory role at Nour Group, and my speaking engagements.

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Professional anglers lead and educate clients on the art and sport of fly fishing. A highly skilled and knowledgeable guide caters to both beginners and experienced anglers alike, helping them enhance their fly fishing techniques and increase their chances of a successful catch.

Fly Fishing

Learning Expeditions - Fly Fishing

Designed for corporate teams and industry association executives, an educational journey designed to provide immersive, hands-on learning experiences outside the traditional classroom setting, structured around specific objectives on the water, integrating real-world encounters with reflective observations and analysis.

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Fly Fishing Expertise, Water Knowledge, Equipment, Guided Excursions, Environmental Stewardship and Industry Advocacy

Click on the images below to learn more about me, my work in fly fishing, my passion for the environment, the US Women's Fly Fishing Team, Advisory role at GuideTime, and my store.

“In launching several cybersecurity startups we needed a unicorn with a deep understanding of marketing motions, optimized processes, and breadth of a techstack architecture. We found that and more in Jenn.”

Amanda Nickerson, CFO - BreachQuest

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Combining my passion for fly fishing with deep digital go-to-market expertise to amplify your leadership, strategic outcomes, and work-life blending.

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Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, world-traveler, sought-after keynote speaker and tech maverick.

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