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As a professional angler, I want to share my passion for fly fishing with as many people I meet as possible. I have both been a guide and, on multiple occasions, hired guides with mixed results. These experiences have led me further to hone my own skills and diverse situational knowledge to be able to help both beginner and experienced anglers. My goal in every interaction, from speaking engagements to teaching workshops, and private guided trips is to enhance the fly fishing techniques, and enjoyment on the water, and dramatically increase your chances of a successful catch. 

Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler and is a wealth of knowledge about knots, fishing techniques, reading the water, preferred gear, and epic adventures.
Jenn is proudly a member of the inaugural US Women's Fly Fishing team representing the United States in olympic-level international competition. In 2023, the team earned a bronze medal at the 2nd World Ladies Fly Fishing Championships in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

My Journey

I was seven years old when my Grandma, an avid outdoorswoman, introduced me to what would become a lifelong passion for the outdoors and fly fishing. Every summer, I would explore the Pacific Northwest from Washington to Montana, Colorado, and throughout British Columbia.

Over the past four decades, I have been blessed to hone my skills as an angler and fish in remote locations such as the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, the picturesque Limietberg Nature Reserve in South Africa, and the Italian Dolomites.

In 2009, I was introduced to euro nymphing by a friend and guide in Washington State, competing regularly nationally and internationally. In 2020, the US Women's National team was created, with clinics and the first National Qualifier in Colorado, where I placed first, earning a position on the team. That year, the US team placed 4th out of 11 teams at Worlds in Norway. In 2023, the team medaled in British Columbia. We are currently preparing for Worlds 2024 in the Czech Republic.


From the remote canyons in the Cascade Mountains to rivers without English names in the Alaskan bush...


From pro deals to representation at various angling events to content/influencer marketing, I'm delighted to work with great people and exceptional brands who advocate sustainable conservation and environmental protection and have a passion for fly fishing.

If I, as an individual angler or a US Women's Fly Fishing team member, can support your brand activation, awareness, and strategic growth efforts, please reach out, and let's explore possible synergies.

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Collaborating with quality brands who create an exceptional experience for their consumers. 

Jenn Cordz is passionate about proper fish handling. When she is teaching new anglers, guiding experienced anglers, or leading a Learning Expedition - she ensures to reinforce special care of the fish to ensure their survival. Jenn Cordz is an avid conservationist and outspoken advocate for our wild spaces.

My Angling Preferences

As the partner in the Nour Group delivering digital advisory engagements, CTO of Avnir guiding our generative AI platform development, and serving on several non-profit boards all create limited bandwidth for my discretionary angling time. 

As a US Women's Fly Fishing team member, I'm also committed to various qualifying National and World competitions, often held throughout the year.

As such, below are my angling preferences if I can support your learning and growth opportunities on the water: 

  • Casting lessons (in-person or virtual), time permitting
  • Private full-day/weekend guides in North Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee (November - March) 
  • Private weekend guides in Colorado, Montana, or the Pacific Northwest in North Idaho, Washington, and Oregon (March - October)
  • One or two private international angling trips per year (destination and time year permitting)
  • Speaking engagements at fly fishing shows, regional events, or non-profit gatherings to introduce new anglers to fly fishing

If you're interested in any of the above services, get in touch and let's discuss. 

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Limited bandwidth combined with the demands of competitive angling force prioritized pursuits.

Sharing the Passion
Elevating Knowledge
Advocating Stewardship

Jenn Cordz has fished in 37 different countries and most of the Western United States. Montana is the mecca of fly fishing where Jenn spends several weeks every year fishing, guiding, and teaching.
Jenn Cordz is a US-born Global Gypsy. She was born in Colorado, spent her youth living abroad, and repatriated for University. As a third-culture kid, Jenn Cordz brings a unique perspective to the world and enjoys her nomadic lifestyle.
Jenn Cordz is always up for an adventure and enjoys going off the beaten track disappering into the wilderness of Alaska, Canada, and other global remote locations. Her favourite is Alaska by float or bush plane.
Jenn Cordz is a well-traveled adventurer taking her fly rod on business and personal trips alike. Jenn Cordz has been fortunate to have family that lives in Alaska so has spent her formative years fishing for trophy sized trout, dolly vardens, and arctic char.
Jenn is most at peace when she is immersed in nature, standing in the cool rivers of her beloved Pacific Northwest. Her love of the outdoors started young and encouraged by her Grandma who was highly influential in her life.
Jenn Cordz earned her place on the US Women's Fly Fishing National team by placing first during the first ever Women's National Championships held in Colorado.
Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, guide and outfitter. She is a member of the US Women's Fly Fishing team representing the United States in international competition. Jenn is passionate about giving back to her community through board advisory and philanthropic causes. Learn more about her professional work through The Nour Group, the generative AI platform she is developing with Avnir, and the boutique publishing house she is building with Honey Tate Publishing.


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Reading the Water

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Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, world-traveler, sought-after keynote speaker and tech maverick.
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