Jenn is multi-talented, multi-threat as a tech founder, CTO, strategic digital advisor, professional athlete and tech maverick. Bringing four decades of fly fishing experience and nearly two decades of deep digital expertise.

As long as I can remember, I'm at my happiest holding a rod, and reel and wading in a river. The serenity of it all, the stunning landscape (after all fish don't live in ugly places), and the fundamental challenge of presenting something synthetic to appear natural to the fish at the right time, in the right manner, is exciting and challenging to me.

I bring the same sense of curiosity to my digital work - identifying and clarifying the desired business outcomes, framing the right problem to solve, and optimizing the processes and the tech stack to get there.

Four Decades of Exploring Stunning Rivers Around the World. Two Decades of Natural Curiosity in Digital Problem-Solving.

For the past several years, I've been able to combine my passion for fly fishing with my digital advisory work to expand The Nour Group's capabilities, including revenue operations (RevOps) and go-to-market (GTM) digital advisory services.

As a US Women's Fly Fishing team member, I also lead our Learning Expedition - Fly Fishing leadership development programs, helping tie on the water experiences through off-the-water strategies, leadership, culture, and digital transformation. 

Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, guide and outfitter. She is a member of the US Women's Fly Fishing team and competes Internationally proudly representing the United States.
Jenn Cordz is an engaging, dynamic and influential keynote speaker, panel moderator, leadership workshop emcee. Her skills allow her to cover a broad range of topics from generative AI, machine learning, blockchain, and techstack orchesration to professional development, growth mindset, championship-level prepardness.

Speaking, Advisory, Leadership Development


One such recent advisory role/industry ambassador and spokesperson is with GuideTime - enabling guides and outfitters to scale online. The ecosystem of guide contractors, outfitters, and outdoor enthusiasts is inherently an offline industry that needs to come online and build better connectivity. GuideTime is leading real-time booking, automated workflow, integrated calendars, and review platform to address the $847 billion outdoor recreation, $40 billion outfitted and guided trips, and 700k+ guides and outfitters.


We help great leaders and their teams become exceptional communicators while prioritizing their targeted set of pursuits toward desired quantifiable outcomes. Professional Services include Speaking, Executive Coaching, Digital Advisory, Revenue Operations, Leadership Development and Strategic Relationship growth.

Two Decades of Relationship-Centricity

The Nour Group, Inc. is a strategic advisory and leadership development firm, founded in 2002 by David Nour with a singular mission: business relationships should be more intentional, quantifiable, and thus strategic in every organization. For the past two decades, our team has focused on creating unique intellectual property on the strategic value of business relationships. We've shared our insights in over 400 published articles, 12 commercial books, an estimated 50 keynotes annually, 200 plus advisory engagements, hundreds of executive and their leadership teams coached, and countless training and development programs.

The common thread between our most successful clients has been a single trait: visionary leadership. We greatly admire and aim to elevate and amplify the impact of world-class operators who fundamentally understand that relationships are the single biggest non-balance sheet asset in their organizations, public or private.

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Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, guide and outfitter. She is a member of the US Women's Fly Fishing team representing the United States in international competition. Jenn is passionate about giving back to her community through board advisory and philanthropic causes. Learn more about her professional work through The Nour Group, the generative AI platform she is developing with Avnir, and the boutique publishing house she is building with Honey Tate Publishing.

Passion for Fly Fishing.
Knack for Digital Problem Solving.

Reading the Water

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Combining my passion for fly fishing with deep digital go-to-market expertise to amplify your leadership, strategic outcomes, and work-life blending.

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Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, world-traveler, sought-after keynote speaker and tech maverick.
The US Women's Fly Fishing team is a 501c3 Non-Profit. The National team is made up of 10 anglers and the World team is made up of 6 anglers chosen to represent the United States in internationally competition.
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The US Women's Fly Fishing Team

Throughout the year, at several qualifying events, competitive anglers from across the country accumulate points for the number of fish caught and the size of fish caught in various beats on rivers and lakes. This grueling competition truly differentiates recreational anglers from those who understand and appreciate the combined ingredients of situational awareness, presenting the right fly in the right circumstances, moving with speed and agility, and learning from sessions that may be less than ideal.

I'm incredibly proud and feel a sense of enormous patriotism to be a member of this passionate group of talented anglers. Learn more about the team, competitive angling, and our conservation efforts.

It is an honour to represent the United States in international competition and being a national ambassador and representative of our country values abroad.
Learning Expeditions are an opportunity for senior executives to disconnect from their day-to-day business obligations to focus on their personal and professional growth. Three days in pristine setting willing to be bad at something to activate their growth mindset.
The US Women's Fly Fishing team earned a Bronze medal at the 2nd World Ladies Fly Fishing Championships in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada in September 2023. The World team is comprised of anglers: Ashley Wilmont, Melissa Smith, Julie Mattson, Jenn Cordz, Tess Weigand, and Lindsay Szofran
The United States Women's Fly Fishing team won the Bronze medal at the 2nd World Ladies Fly Fishing Championship in 2023.
GuideTime is a revolutionary outdoor industry app that is built to enhance the lives of outdoor guides and outfitters. It will enable them to spend more time doing what they love, be connected to a broad network of other outdoor enthusiasts and leverage cutting edge digital marketing capabilities to build awareness for their services and trips. Strategic Advisor - Sam Jankovich, Founder & CEO - Danilo Jankovich, Voice of the Industry Advisor & Spokeswoman - Jenn Cordz, and Advisory Board member - Tom Tognoli | GuideTime Team in Hayden, Idaho | October 2023
The Mayfly Project is an amazing (501(c)(3)) organization that provides foster children with fly fishing education, experience, and gear through their nationwide projects. Kids that may not otherwise experience the outdoors are given all of the tools and resources that they need to enjoy fly fishing!

The mission of The Mayfly Project is to support children in foster care through fly fishing and introduce them to their local water ecosystems, with the hope that connecting them to a rewarding hobby will provide an opportunity for foster children to have fun, build confidence, and develop a meaningful connection with the outdoors.

The Mayfly Project

Inspiring the next generation of fly anglers and conservationists through fly fishing education and river experiences.
Spend more time doing what you love... #LiveToGuide - Jenn Cordz, US Women's Fly Fishing Team and GuideTime Voice of the Industry Advisor / Spokeswoman | October 2023

With four decades of hands-on knowledge in and around angling, I appreciate opportunities to play a critical role in guiding businesses within the industry from manufacturers of fishing gear and apparel to tourism companies offering fly fishing expeditions, I believe many in our industry could greatly benefit from a deeper market analysis, business planning, product development, and customer engagement strategies.

From identifying and interpreting trends, such as shifts in consumer behavior, emerging markets, or new techniques that can impact business strategies, to competitive analysis, strategic planning, product strategy, customer insights, sustainability and conservation efforts, strategic alliances, and community engagement, as well as digital strategy, please reach out if I can support your efforts.

Join the JourneyGet in Touch

When I can understand a non-profit organization's mission, their desired social impact, and sustainable use of resources in the fly fishing industry I seek an opportunity to add strategic philanthropy in planning and implementing charitable initiatives. From mission advocacy where I champion aquatic ecosystems, promote responsible angling practices, and support communities connected to fly fishing through fundraising initiatives, program design, impact assessment, community outreach, public policy influence, communication, sustainability practices, and environmental impact, I seek to make a measurable difference in the waters I'm blessed to enjoy.

Similarly, knowledge sharing where I provide information, and education on the sport including strategies to engage new fly anglers or advocate for the sport's benefit is of particular interest. If I can support your philanthropic or educational efforts please feel free to reach out. 

Philanthropy & Education

At Avnir we are developing a Generative AI and private Large Language Model (LLM) platform to digitize the two decades of work on Relationship Economics® and activate hidden strategic relationship value! Jenn is the CTO and tech visionary behind the complex problems being solved leveraging AI, non-structured data models and category-making algorithms to proactively manage your critical relationships.

A New Beginning

We believe your network is your net worth. Harnessing untapped relationships delivers quantum growth.
How? Creating an integrated, consistent, always up-to-date, and in-context source of the truth for your relationships. 

Using AI as a proactive personal assistant to activate relationships ensures you know when and how to meet your relationships where they are by understanding an entire team’s relationships in the context of broader organizational goals, activating hidden connections to maximize account and opportunity management performance.

For the past two decades, we’ve been a student of business relationships - how they work, where they’re neglected, and why some sellers and revenue leaders relationally outperform their peers. Combine this renowned thought leadership with advisory services, and we’ve battle-tested our hypothesis on business relationships’ strategic, intentional, and quantifiable value. 

Our findings have proven that a great deal of the heavy lifting in proactively managing complex relationships can be solved via Generative AI and a learning database of actionable insights.

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Honey Tate Publishing is an independent publishing house built exclusively to support world-class executives and operators. Handling the end-to-end ideation, production, marketing and distribution of co-authored titles allows us to provide greater support to our authors ensuring their long-term success.

Executive Authors

Honey Tate Publishing is focused exclusively on business leaders looking to share their operating experiences, coach them on their publishing strategy, contribute content, and manage the entire production, marketing, and distribution process. 

Our model allows us to co-author compelling business books with world-class operators. With four titles slated for relates in 2024, we're excited to bring a unique business model, a cohort of publishing professionals, and an exceptional experience for our co-authors and content consumers to our global client relationships. 

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I combine a passion for fly fishing with deep digital go-to-market expertise to amplify the results others create. 

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