Strategy and planning, execution, enablement tools and technologies, customer experience, measurement and optimization, integration, compliance and security.

World-class go-to-market (GTM) enablement is a sophisticated, multi-faceted strategy that prepares a business to launch a product or service to the market in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

From market intelligence to product market fit, alignment across functions, sales readiness, marketing strategy, operational excellence, customer experience, measurement analysis, scalability, cultural considerations, and legal and compliance all require steadfast leadership and a crystal clear vision on the desired outcomes. 

Jenn Cordz works with high-growth startups and Fortune 100 companies on elevating and optimizing their digital processes, capabilities and to create a frictionless techstack that enables exponential top-line revenue growth. Creating a seamless go-to-market revenue engine across marketing, sales, and customer success is something Jenn excels at and brings a proven track record of scaling companies from early funding through IPO.
Jenn Cordz is an engaging, dynamic, and sought after keynote speaker. She brings an insightful perspective, clever stories that resonate with broad audiences, and can dynamically talk about highly technical topics at a level that everyone can understand. She wants her audiences to learn something in every talk and leave with actionable tactics that can be applied long after an event.


I customize every speaking engagement to engage and influence my audiences to simplify their perceptions of leading technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), large language models (LLM), distributed ledger/blockchain, and Web 3.0. More importantly, I guide the consumers of my content to never lose sight of the business impacts of technology. Whether in a corporate meeting, an industry association conference, or an academic forum, I combine rigorous technical research and use case insights with practical takeaways to enhance the work and lives of our global-speaking clients.


Clarifying the complexities of leading-edge technologies aligned with business outcomes.

Leadership Development

Some aspects of leadership and lasting change have been in the business psyche for decades. Yet, the fundamental skills, knowledge, and, most importantly, the appropriate behaviors to lead in the post-pandemic world must evolve for every leader to remain relevant.

That’s why we believe there is a better way to achieve leadership evolution and sustained transformation at The Nour Group. Welcome to Learning Expeditions - Fly Fishing – a highly immersive and experiential learning journey from now to next.

The willingness of leaders to be bad at something represents a powerful mindset that embraces vulnerability, continuous learning, and fundamental growth. That's why we combine this highly immersive new learning experience with discussions of leadership effectiveness, brand, and organizational culture.

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Getting out of the business and immersed in the tranquility to think more clearly and intently about growth.

Documentation is a key differentiator for an organization that is looking to grow and scale effectively. Ensuring documentation is not an "after thought" and a force multiplier for the business to capture processes, integrations and the "way the business works". Documentation allows you to seamlessly work async across timezones in a repeatable and scalable methodology.

Digital Advisory

Clients call me when they want meticulous planning, precise execution, and the agility to adapt to feedback and changing market dynamics in their go-to-market (GTM) motions. From the right blend of marketing technology (MarTech), sales technology (SalesTech), and customer success technology (CStech), revenue operations (RevOps) is a 360-view of your relationships.

As a Partner at The Nour Group, I lead the Digital Advisory practice where we have researched, advocated, and pressure-tested strategic relationships, real innovation, and lasting change for the past two decades. Through insights gathered from over 100 Chief Revenue (CROs), Chief Marketing (CMOs), and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) interviews, we have created the Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model and a scorecard to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the maturity of and benchmark organizations against their industry peers.

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Never a one-size-fits-all approach, counsel on a bespoke strategy that takes into account the unique aspects of the product, market, and organizational capabilities.

Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, certified casting instructor, and member of the US Women's Fly Fishing team. She leads the Nour Group Learning Expeditions sharing her passion for fly fishing with the senior executives.

Strategic Processes.
Competent Capabilities.
Optimized Techstack.

The Customer Lifecycle Journey Maturity Model was developed through the revenue operations consulting experience that Jenn Cordz has gathered in her nearly twenty year career. This model guides The Nour Group RevOps Assessment process that occurs over a 30-45 day period generating short, medium, and long-term recommendations a business needs to address to grow and scale effectively.
The Nour Group is a strategic digital advisory firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Partners - David Nour and Jenn Cordz - enable intelligent and profitable growth in their client organizations through a variety of services like executive coaching, strategy visualization, digital advisory, and leadership development programs.
Jenn always says "fish don't live in ugly places" and we have proven that repeatedly with our clients who participate in the Learning Expeditions. Trusting the Nour Group to elevate their mindset the senior executive attendees leave refreshed after the three days on the water with an action plan for the next 30/60/90 days.
This unique micro-event is a core program of the Nour Group Leadership Development program. The willingness to be bad activates your growth mindset and every participant transforms through this experience mentally, professionally and personally.
Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, guide and outfitter. She is a member of the US Women's Fly Fishing team representing the United States in international competition. Jenn is passionate about giving back to her community through board advisory and philanthropic causes. Learn more about her professional work through The Nour Group, the generative AI platform she is developing with Avnir, and the boutique publishing house she is building with Honey Tate Publishing.


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Combining my passion for fly fishing with deep digital go-to-market expertise to amplify your leadership, strategic outcomes, and work-life blending.

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Jenn Cordz is an accomplished angler, world-traveler, sought-after keynote speaker and tech maverick.

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